Case Study

Chiral Blance Starter PPC Case Study


Dedicated to women’s wellness, Chiral Balance was one of the first companies to offer D-chiro-inositol (DCI) supplements in the United States. DCI is an all-natural nutritional supplement that alleviates the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and has little to no side effects. Chiral Balance strives to provide easily accessible DCI research and products that foster healthy living to everyone.



increase in PPC Sessions since the project inception


increase in Conversion Rate from PPC traffic


increase in Revenue from PPC traffic since project inception


increase Return on Ad Spend since start of campaign


Before engaging Volusion Marketing Services, Chiral Balance’s self-managed broad PPC campaign began experiencing declining performance, although it had been successful in the past. Increased competition paired with Google’s requirements and changes to its display algorithm made communication with their target audience ultimately resulted in higher costs per acquisition—proving to be a daunting task for a DIYer.

Volusion’s Strategy

In March 2016, Volusion began a Starter PPC campaign to:
• Craft and launch a specialized and targeted campaign centered on the Chiral Balance brand and its competitors designed to connect prospective customers with information on DCI and alternative supplements.
• Leverage Chiral Balance’s existing reputation in addition to introducing their product to new searches within their target audience.
• Strategically attract new customers to the store while lowering the cost per acquisition

“Looking ahead, we will continue to identify areas of success and build out strategies around those terms to grow the campaign, reach a greater audience of potential customers and increase quality engagement on the website.”

Erica Dent

PPC Specialist

Disclaminer: Not all merchants can launch PPC campaigns as their products do not adhere to Bing, Google or Facebook advertising policies