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How a single mom once in debt grew her business into a worldwide success story.

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14 years ago Dareth Colburn was a single mom $30,000 in debt — but she was determined to make her own success, and she had a plan.

Starting Small

"I really wanted to change my life and I wanted something different — to do something more meaningful," she says.

So, working out of her tiny apartment, Colburn started USA Bride: an online store that specializes in jewelry for brides, bridesmaids and any special occasion. Colburn had always loved fashion, especially bridal, and the industry seemed to be a natural fit for her. So she created a website featuring five tiaras, five veils and five jewelry sets, really not knowing where it was going to go… but still hopeful (and determined) for success.

"I was a one-woman show," Colburn says. "I was web, marketing, customer service and shipping departments all in one."

Making It Big

Since USA Bride's humble beginnings, the company has grown out of that tiny apartment and into a much larger office space in the greater Boston area. Success was a long road for Colburn, but one that's paid off. "No one tells you when you start your business how hard it is."

“Getting started can be the hardest part, but you'll be amazed at where it can take you.”

Despite the hurdles, she's built her company up from those initial 15 items to over 1,000 products that ship all over the world daily. This success has taught her a number of lessons, and she has some words of wisdom for others who want to build their own business. "For any aspiring entrepreneur, I'd say take that leap like I did. You'll be amazed at where it can take you."

Why She Uses Volusion

"I'm so glad I built my business on Volusion," Colburn says. "They've got great customer service that's always there to answer my questions and they're constantly improving their platform with new tools and teachers, so it makes my business look really great online."

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